The Natural And Safe Way To Bleach Your Skin

Skin bleaching is the process of using chemical or natural substances to bleach the skin tone and skin complexion by reducing melanin concentration. There are several procedures for this. Are all these procedures good for your health? Chemical skin bleaching products have proven to be very effective whereas others are toxic and come with negative skin effects. Actually, most chemical-based products which people use to bleach their skin are very harmful to their health. The effect may not be instant, but with time, these chemicals will start to harm their health. Natural skin lightening methods made with organic ingredients at home are very safe to use.

The risk of using chemical bleaching creams

The obvious drawback of these chemical skin creams is their side effects. Some of these products have grave side effects. They’re a big hazard to the health of the users. Some of them include weight gain, acne, muscle weakness and adrenal gland disorders. Some of the ingredients have to a certain extent a high concentration of such chemicals as lead and mercury. This is very hazardous for your health. Research has proven that lead and mercury poisoning can cause kidney failure and neurological problems.

Are there other ways you can bleach your skin that are less harmful to our skin? The answer to the question is definitely ‘yes’. There are several natural skin whitening recipes which have no or fewer side effects. People hoping to lighten their skin ought to consider choosing these natural methods. This way they won’t put their health at jeopardy.

Natural Ways to Skin Bleaching

Most people particularly women like to have a healthy, youthful and glowing skin. This forces them to waste a lot of cash on chemical skin bleaching products that are thought to get rid of impurities and at the same time lighten the skin. Conversely, most of the users end up frustrated as they don’t get the anticipated results. Some will opt for laser treatments while others will use make up as way of hiding their imperfections, such as scars and age spots.

What all these people fail to grasp is that, with some slight determination and dedication, they can obtain a wonderful skin at a very low price. This would be achievable via the use of a natural skin lightening recipes that can easily be prepared at home.

While there is no doubting that chemical based skin care products work and you can easily find a good bleaching agent in beauty stores, there are numerous natural skin whitening products that can be applied to achieve the goal of a young and radiant skin. The 3 main homemade skin bleaching products include:

  • The orange pack: It’s prepared by collecting orange peels and leaving them to dry under direct sunlight. After they’ve dried completely, grind them to a fine powder. Mix the powder with raw milk and apply it your skin. When it dry fully, rinse it off with warm water. This method ought to be repeated everyday for it to be effective.
  • Sandal facial skin bleach: Mix sandalwood powder, cucumber juice, tomato juice and lemon juice to form a fine paste that’s applied on the target skin. When dried fully, rinse it off using warm water. This mixture lightens and brightens the skin complexion.
  • Gram flour skin bleach: It’s prepared by mixing lemon juice, milk cream, turmeric powder and gram flour to form a fine paste that’s applied on the target skin and scrubbed-off when fully dry.

Natural Methods are already proven

Most of the natural products used in home-made skin whitening recipes have tens or hundreds years of verified use. A lot of these products were used by queens, empresses, princesses and dignified women who had contact with some of the finest skin care ingredients of their time. Up to this day, many of these products are still being applied, trusted by women and men in several areas of the world as a result of their effectiveness and safety.

When using natural elements for home skin bleaching, you can evade paying extra than you need to for the reason that these ingredients are usually very reasonably priced and available at your local grocery store. These home-made skin bleaching products will potentially save you hundreds of dollars. With the correct recipe, it’s possible to safely bleach your skin and enjoy the substantial savings at the same time. It’s high time you ditched those chemical-based products and go home prepare something that will make you feel comfortable and safe with skin bleaching.

How to Treat Arthritis

rheumatoid arthritisAs there is still no cure for rheumatic diseases, patients and caretakers need to know more about their treatment. When dealing with arthritis, whatever type it is, the main objective of treatment is to manage pain, prevent even further damage to the joints and improve function. The factors responsible for causing arthritis more often than not are incurable. Treatment options include lifestyle changes, physical therapy, drugs and surgery.

The preferred option is making lifestyle changes. This includes exercise programs, getting plenty of sleep, eating foods that are rich in omega-3 and ensuring you have a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. You can also make changes to your living area to make activities easier and reduce strain. Avoiding staying in one position for extended time periods and especially those that put stress on your joints will prevent flare-ups.

Losing weight has been proven to minimize symptoms. Maintaining a healthy weight means less pressure is applied on your knees. Exercise programs like aerobics and strengthening exercises are recommended for people suffering from arthritis, but it’s important to not overdo it. You could include stress-reducing activities in your regimen and applying capsaicin cream over your joints.

Medicines used in treating arthritis either treat the symptoms of the condition or suppress inflammatory diseases. Painkillers, steroid tablets and injections and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs treat symptoms. Painkillers can be used for the various types of arthritis and work best if taken before strenuous activities or in regular intervals during flare-ups of pain. NSAIDs interfere with prostaglandins that trigger pain, fever and inflammation in the body. They reduce inflammation and relieve pain in all types of arthritis and help with conditions where inflammation is not the problem.

Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) and biological therapies suppress inflammatory diseases. DMARDs treat the types of arthritis that are inflammatory and sometimes even types of connective tissue disease. Biological therapies treat rheumatoid arthritis and may be used when DMARDs haven’t been effective. They are a newer class of medicines and were made with the purpose of blocking transmission of messages between white blood cells. This is what causes inflammation. Both over-the-counter and prescription drugs should be used carefully to minimize side-effects.

As there is no sure-fire method of treatment, a patient should receive all relevant information on how to treat arthritis. Some may prefer to try natural remedies to manage arthritis. These options include acupuncture supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin, topical medicines, electric energy and chiropractic therapy. These methods may work for some and have no effect on others but as they are out there, then patients should know about them.

Arthritis is painful and limits your ability to enjoy life. For this reason, early diagnosis and treatment goes a long way in preventing joint damage. You should contact your doctor in case you experience pain in your joints that lasts over 3 days. Also severe joint pain that can’t be explained, swollen joints, having a hard time when moving the joint and if the skin around it is hot to the touch, are signs you should seek help. In case the diagnosis comes back positive, learning early on how to treat arthritis might keep it in check and prevent further joint damage.